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2nd EOP 2003

Prize Winners

1th Prize

Andreas May (D)

David König(D)

2nd Prize

Orpha Phelan (IRL)

Leslie Travers (GB)

3rd Prize

Mariame Clément (F)


stage setting Andreas May/ David König
stage setting Andreas May/ David König




87 teams or single candidates

Nationalities 11
Opéra national du Rhin Strasbourg
Final round

Heinrich Marschner:

"Hans Heiling"


Marc Clémeur

(Chairman of the jury)

Intendant of Vlaamse Opera Antwerpen


Nicholas Snowman

Intendant of Opéra national du Rhin Strasbourg 

Manfred Beilharz

Intendant of Staatstheater Wiesbaden



Armin Kretschmar

Representative of the Audience (Wiesbaden)



A Video about the Production of the final concept in Straßburg: